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Nikki Drennan

Johannesburg | Gauteng

Nikki has studied metaphysics, psychic development and energy healing and has worked with various energy modalities. She reads angel and tarot cards, leads small meditation groups and facilitates courses in personal growth. Writing is a favourite pastime.


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Adult – Non-fiction

ISBN13: 9780620849692

Soul Whispers: Live Life With Soul

Nikki Drennan | Johannesburg | Gauteng

How often do we take the time to contemplate our lives? To remember that we are more than just a physical body?

The gentle guidance and simple, practical exercises in this book encourage you to remember and reconnect with your soul. This is a journey to reach awareness, it is a creation of your own sacred spaces and it is a reconnecting with soul, in order for you to naturally include soul in all that you do.

‘Live life with soul’ is not just a catch phrase, it is an urging to remember your soul, to hear its whispers and to reconnect so that you, too, can live a life filled with depth and meaning.

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