Author Kim Vermaak

Kim Vermaak

Johannesburg | Gauteng

Kim Vermaak always had a pen in her hand. Whether doodling, crafting poems or writing letters. ​

Born into an abusive family, Kim’s first heroes were her adoptive parents. Through them, she learned the gift of new beginnings. ​ She also learned a love of reading and how she could be transported to a place where ordinary people could find the courage to rise above insurmountable odds.

Through books, she found her courage. But it was not until South Africa faced its first series of power cuts that she found her talent for storytelling. In the dark with a frightened daughter, she began to create heroes that could tap into their inner strength and win. ​

Through her love of reading, history and young people, Kim crafts stories that embrace the true purpose of storytelling. Stories are designed to impart wisdom; but in today’s fast-paced society, we often reduce stories to entertainment value. This leaves little room for us to grow and forces us to relive the painful lessons of the past. But this author’s passion is to see communities create a legacy that will empower future generations.

Young Adult


ISBN: 978-1-990937-40-8

The Great Dragon Rescue
The Nadine Chronicles: Book One

Kim Vermaak | Johannesburg | Gauteng

Are faith and courage enough, when your family has just days to live?

Below Nadine’s medieval village, the fragile peace that dragons and mankind had died to forge, is about to shatter.

A power-hungry King bent on revenge discovers the legend of a darkened dragon heart. The story explodes into a plot to eliminate the church hierarchy that destroyed his mother. He must have a dragon hatchling.

Nadine wakes to the screams of her village being destroyed by dragon fire, as the last dragon mother exacts her vengeance at this cruel betrayal of mankind. And she takes hostages.

The message is clear, “Return the hatchling or watch the villagers die in the ancient tunnels.”

Ripped away from an age of innocence, this epic fantasy thrusts Nadine into a world of kings, queens, and dragons. The stakes for victory are high.

The Chronicles of Nadine is an action-packed adventure series set in a time where the struggle for world domination is real. It weaves politics and religion into the lives of a series of well fleshed out characters, who call to each of us to reckon with our own inner demons.

This series has the complexity of Game of Thrones with the moral compass of Francine Rivers.

The Last of the Silver Wings, the first in the series, is an action-packed Medieval Fantasy novel that speaks to our most basic fears and aspirations.

DISCLAIMER: This book as previously published as the Great Dragon Rescue.

Everything you need in a fantasy novel. With power hungry characters, and dragons out for revenge you will keep turning pages until the end and still want more from this author. Looking forward to the next book.”

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