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The depressing stuff – only 2 of the findings from the PIRLS Report are listed but you can read the entire report here:

  • 78% of South African Grade 4 children were not able to reach the lowest benchmark compared to 4% internationally.
  • Grade 4 learners who attended schools in remote rural settings achieved significantly below the learners attending schools in densely populated urban and suburban areas.

The uplifting stuff:

  • We have super smart, interesting, and eccentric authors who don’t need to stand back for anyone.
  • South Africa is a diverse country with so many different cultures and learning from local authors about their identities in their storytelling is like eating ice cream on a very hot day!
  • We can introduce the world to OUR world.
  • We build our country when we #buylocal. Many people are involved in the production of a story – not just the author.
  • Our stories range from fun-loving to serious – all genres are represented (just like our Rainbow Nation!)
  • We can read in our home languages.
  • We are unique, and so are our stories.
  • We learn when we read.
  • And because we could meet them face to face. And do coffee. 

So, why NOT #ReadLocal?

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